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  • Printing Tags No Template?

    I bought some sheets of hangtags that are for inkjet printers. They are 110lb/300gsm paper. They came with no template and I tried using the Avery brand one in Word and pasted my image within. On regular paper it lined up perfectly, but when I took it to someone with an inkjet printer it printed much lower than the precut tag on the sheet. I emailed the company and they recommended Avery template since they don't make one! I'm on a very tight budget. Any suggestions?

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      Check your someone's paper and border settings.
      They need to match the ones you are using for your plain paper.
      Also check that fit to page is not checked (unless you are using it) and that the right paper size is selected.
      Have them print plain paper first to check alignment.
      110lb paper is pretty hefty for an inkjet. Is it getting hung up in the hard turn at the bottom of the paper feed? Might need a little shove, or it might need to go through the CD printer as a straight thru print (if the inkjet has such a thing.)
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        Thank you KitchWitch and PrintDriver. The paper came with packaging that says it's for inkjet printing, which is why I had to scout out a place that has an inkjet printer (I've only got laser). It was quite slow to print through. I haven't used an inkjet in years but it seemed slower than a normal printing on one. I'm not sure the boxes checked before printing, as it was done on his side of the counter. He did print it on plain paper first and it lined up. I've only got a few more sheets of tags left and of course don't want to ruin anymore.


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          I thought the same thing about the paper weight. Cant say I've come across many inkjet printers that can handle 300gsm stock. You sure they aren't passing it through a digital press/copier? Certainly they're not using a wide format... I hope..

          Assuming you set the file up to line up perfectly with the tags, the print operator really should do his/her due diligence and shift the image in whatever RIP application they are using. From the Fiery RIP a simple image shift in the "finishing" tab should fix this. You cant expect a perfect print first sheet out.






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