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Help with CMYK/PMS colors.

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  • Help with CMYK/PMS colors.


    I'm working on something but I can't find the correct color, this is the first time I'm really working with Pantone colors so I hope someone can help me.

    I've a RGB color which I really like: R 54, G 235, B 232. It's aqua blueish. But I can't find the matching CMYK and Pantone colors. There is probably not a CMYK version of this RGB color.
    But when I look for Pantone colors I can't actually find the matching color as well...

    I think 305 U or 306 XGC is the closest I get. But when I use that PMS color in Illustrator it looks much much different. More like the Twitter blue color.

    I hope someone can help and suggest me, Thanks!

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    Hi 053Timo and welcome to GDF.

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      It sounds to me like you're pursuing this based entirely on the appearance of these colors on your computer screen. If that's the case, you're essentially wasting your effort.

      Pantone spot colors are ink colors, so the only thing that matters is whether that ink, when printed on substrate comparable to that on which your artwork will be applied, produces the desired result. To competently, effectively, and predictably choose a Pantone spot ink for your project, you must use a swatchbook, and your printer should be involved early and often in the interest of attaining an acceptable match, perhaps testing via drawdown, should time/budget/priorities dictate.

      In other words, despite the fact that you're attempting to match an RGB color on our screen, the on-screen appearance of the Pantone spot color is almost completely irrelevant.
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        305 IS a twitter bird blue.

        As for Pantone XGC throw that book AWAY!!!!

        Pantone books are not color pickers. They ONLY represent what Pantone thinks their ink will look like on the specific paper in the book.
        The Coated book shows what the ink mix might look like on coated paper.
        The Uncoated book shows what that exact SAME ink mix might look like on Uncoated paper.
        This varies if you aren't using the exact same paper Pantone used in their book.

        That dumb XGC book presumes to show what an extended gamut OGV digital printer can achieve, which is generally speaking a wide format machine (but showing up more and more in conventional digital print.) Don't believe it. Your printer is more apt to be able to match a Pantone digitally far better than any guess Pantone can make, considering all the different papers/substrates/machine rips and inksets out there. Just Dont.

        You match your pantone in Solid Coated using a swatch deck. That is what the ink will look like on Solid coated paper and is widely used in the wide format printing field for just about everything.
        You can check your uncoated look to see if you need to select a different pantone for printing on uncoated paper, but that is all it is used for when using mixed inks.

        I have some designers who do use swatch decks the way your are trying to do it. We make them supply the chip they want us to match and we will hand match to that chip and actually disregard the number on the swatch. That costs extra.

        Matching on screen is futile.

        For your RGB numbers, about as close as you are going to get is maybe 324C. It's more than a couple delta-e off though...


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          Thank you very much!






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