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    If the paper is 300 gsm and 100lb? The packaging says to use in inkjet only. I was hoping to buy an inkjet printer and print them myself. Any suggestions on a printer that's preferably under $100? Many thanks!

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    What's your end use?
    That's hefty paper. My $300 desktop machine doesn't like to do it. It will, with a little coercion.
    It's an Epson Artisan.


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      Thank you Print Driver. I really like the paper and am surprised that they mention for inkjet only. I had a precut version of the paper that I tried to print at a local UPS store but the ink didn't print in the right area despite the template showing it would. It also didn't print part of the image for some reason. I figured maybe it makes more sense to get the unperforated version of the paper and print it myself. The paper company specifies that it's for inkjet only and I really want to use this paper for the project. There is glitter built into the paper and it doesn't fall off everywhere. Is there a printer that would work well with that even if it says inkjet? (I just realized it's 110lb not 100lb as my original post above stated)
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