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Getting PMS from a Gradient logo

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  • Getting PMS from a Gradient logo

    Hi everyone, very new to the industry and my employer wants Pantone colors from their logo to print promo materials in China. Here is a section of the logo so you can see the gradient. I have Adobe CC to get this figured out.

    Thanks all!
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    Open in PhotoShop and use the Eyedropper tool on the colour you want. This puts the colour in the Foreground Colour box.

    Click on that to get the Colour Picker up. You will see RGB / CMYK values etc.

    Click on Colour Libraries button. This will take you to a list of colours that match your colour. You may have to use the drop down menu to select Pantone Coated or whatever. This will show the Pantone number for the nearest matching colour.
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      That Photoshop method is ONLY for down and dirty guessing for logos where the designer neglected to specify Pantone colors in the brand standard (if the ''designer'' is using gradients in a logo, I wouldn't be surprised if that is the case...)
      Do NOT use photoshop to do this if pantone colors are showing in the swatch palette in Illustrator!!!

      If the file is a logo in proper Illustrator .ai format (or pdf)
      Open it in Illustrator.
      and if Pantone colors are appearing in the swatch palette
      Click on a shape containing the gradient with the white arrow
      under Window>Gradient open the gradient palette.
      Double click on the slider with the color you want. That should bring up the Pantone color used.
      Bearing in mind this only works for the defined colors used on the sliders.

      If you need a match for something in the middle, you can try the Photoshop method but keep in mind there are 10s of thousands of CMYK combinations, but ONLY about 1500 Pantone colors.
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          See if someone you know has a Pantone/PMS book. Working completely on screen is tough. Surely you have a printed version of this gradient?
          Match the two opposite ends of the gradient (as far to the right and left as possible) to a Pantone color. The middle of the gradient is not critical in the least.

          Otherwise you can create a swatch pallet spread of Yellow's and Red's in indesign and see what looks closest.

          Oh, and PrintDriver is right, if the logo file is vector, placing it in Indesign or opening it as an AI file should reveal the Pantone swatches in your color pallet. assuming the original artist spot colored the piece.


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            InDesign isn't particularly helpful. It might ID the colors, but you if you place the logo in InDesign, it is a link, and in order to access the link you still have to open it in Illustrator to verify. Think of InDesign as a friendlier Quark.
            Indesign is Layout tool.
            Quark is Layout tool.
            Illustrator is Logo tool.


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              Quark.. havent heard that name in a while. When I went to school that was the industry standard.
              Indesign was a dream yet to come to reality.

              But you're right, you wont be able to do direct editing. But you can set up you're layout, and right click "edit original with" select Illustrator, and you can some pretty convenient direct link updated edits.


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                Thanks for the great tips everyone, I'm waiting on the original artwork so hopefully it will be smooth sailing when I get it!






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