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Message to replace toner won't go away

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  • Message to replace toner won't go away

    MFC HL2380DW. I just replaced toner with a new Brother toner cartridge. Printer works but still shows error message to replace toner. Could this be because I just opened and installed the starter cartridge that came with the printer? When I set the printer up I installed a new high yield cartridge.
    What can I do?
    I have unplugged the printer, rebooted the PC. taken the cartridge back out and put it back in several times. I did shake the cartridge side to side and I moved the cleaner for the wire on the drum.

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    So you're saying the print still fires up and prints with the defective imaging functioning? IE Yellow toner asked you to re-load but the unit still print will yellow in tow?

    If its not functioning with the color in question, you may have some clumped developer within the drum or developer housing.

    If its a larger machine you maybe a defective toner hopper or agitator. IE the device that moves the toner from the cartridge to the drum isn't working.

    How old is the machine? it could be the drum required replacing, for example the develop is shot or the drum can no longer hold a charge.


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      What is the expiration date on the toner cartridge?
      Have you tried a different toner cartridge?
      If the printer is not printing and/or the error message annoys me enough, I call or email tech support for the machine in question.






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