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  • Digital Duplicator printers

    Recently I decided to include thermography in my small business but have struggled to find a good wet ink/ digital duplicator printer. Does anyone know of a good one?

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      You'll need a bit more than just a duplicator or offset press for thermography.
      And I'm afraid a digital machine wont be an option at all.

      Traditional thermo prints also get passed through a heating element, almost like a small Kiln. You'll need proper ventilation, plus if you rent your business space then land owner may not give you the approval to do such a thing.


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        There's a lot of stuff online about using digital duplicators for thermo. I looked cuz I wondered what the post was about. Most of it sounds to me like a slapdash way of doing a supposedly high end type of print.
        I saw one or two references to using silk screening inks instead of traditional offset.

        If it really does require venting, there are zoning bylaws you have to look into. Things like stack height and if it's even allowed in the business zone, let alone the building.
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          We have a RISO wet ink duplicator - checking online I see that it could perhaps be used for thermo.

          Years ago we had a thermo system that was 'built' by the boss. As each sheet came off the litho machine it was dipped by hand into the thermo powder and put on a conveyor belt that took it under three domestic 3-bar electric fires pointing down. It worked ok most of the time. We used to make toast on it. Of course, this was before Health & Safety was a thing . . .
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