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Illustrator - print drop shadows in CMYK

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  • Illustrator - print drop shadows in CMYK

    I'm working on a file in CMYK, to print on a pull up banner (60x180cm).
    I cannot use Overprint.
    Unfortunately, I cannot communicate with the printer.

    Are the shadows going to be printed correctly?

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    I see the part where you can't communicate with the printer.
    As with anything large format, I highly suggest a proof....

    As long as you do NOT have any Pantone or other Spot colors in there, you have a pretty good chance your transparency effect (drop shadow) will print correctly. Check your pre-flight for plates used. Pretty much what you see on the screen will print. Overprint is not [often] used in digital wide format.
    Is this a 100% guarantee? No. That is why I suggest a proof. Or at least a good print vendor who does a pass check.

    The other things that matter are what color is the drop shadow and what version of Illustrator you are using.
    Some colors band more than others, and there are pre-CC versions of illustrator that un-editably lock the resolution of the drop shadow upon creation based on the Raster Effect Setting. Even today, before starting any project in Illustrator, it's best to check that the RES is set correctly. The default used to be a low resolution so as not to slow down the software... Most print vendors will reset it for you. Some may think you intentionally want the low rez. A few might ask you which you want. Know your tools.

    Max rez on a pulll up is about 150 to maybe 200ppi final size. Minimum is about 80ppi depending on imagery and intended viewing distance. There is no real dot gain to hide bad pixelization.

    How are you handing off the file?
    Most of the vendors that make these things want native .ai with fonts outlined (or provided) and all links placed NOT embedded.


    Good luck.
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      Thanks for your detailed answer PrintDriver






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