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Vinyl film from bias plotter cutter

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  • Vinyl film from bias plotter cutter

    Hello everyone, 3 months ago I bought a VEVOR cutter or plotter cutter on ebay. Many will tell me that I should not have, but good but it is done All walking impeccably well for small stickers about 15cm as on long lengths of 1.75 meters. However for a week, my plotter sulks and that either for small or long lengths the film vinyl skewed every time. I have not changed the brand of vinyl nor suppliers, I tried several films also of different thickness but nothing does. As soon as the film advances to make the cut, it leaves from the angle and therefore the cutouts with. Could you help me because I do not understand where the problem would come from, knowing that before all things worked correctly? Thank you very much

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      If this is a pressure feed unit, be sure ALL of the top pressure rollers are engaging with the vinyl. If one of them is loose or not dropping down, you will get skew from just the pressure of the of the knife cutting the vinyl. If you put a piece of paper between the pressure feet and the grit roller, you shouldn't be able to pull it out.

      if this is a punched media feed unit, and you are using punched media made for the sprockets, then you got bigger problems.

      edit: Looks like the unit has 3 top pressure rollers. Be sure you are using ALL of them. A lot of people make the mistake of only trying to use 2.
      And check that they are engaging as noted above.

      LOL, I love plotter websites that show fake cut and already weeded vinyl in their plotters. On this one, they don't even bother to put the pressure rollers in the right location to hold the vinyl.
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