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  • Printer advise needed & Hello!

    Hello I知 Geoff and I知 new here.
    I知 researching for an artist to find the ideal printer for a certain proces.
    The artist wants to print like the risograph method. But for that in CMYK you would need two riso machines. This would be too big and too expensive. Overkill. Using these riso machines means you can fake the silk screen cmyk method. So what is the plan: design something on the PC. Either draw in C, M, Y and K separately or have work split by photoshop for instance. Then, print paper in overprint by printing each CMYK pass separately. So you would feed the paper four times into the printer. Not print in one go. I am VERY sure I read about doing this with a simple home color printer. I forgot how this is called. Maybe someone knows here?
    The printer should have certain characteristics:
    1. Preferably it would have an A3 flatbed A3
    2. Print size A3 and A4 should both be possible without difficult tricks.
    3. The ink quality should be pigment quality and last a lifetime (no dye)
    4. The printing system is still a mystery to us: laser or ink-jet? The prints will be rough style. Cost effective is more important than precision but the result must last.
    5. The printer must be able to process heavy paper like watercolor paper. Real art paper for traditional media. No special color printing paper if possible!
    6. The mechanism and printing material should be able to take multiple passes in overprint. So no clogged heads, smeared drums or other overprinting problems.
    7. Even though the printer is forced to print each pass separately, one still could choose for a printer that handles the paper internally with a multi-pass or one-pass mechanism. What is the best choice?
    8. The ink should be refilled in the most cost effective way. Separate colors.
    9. If the printer must be an inkjet, then please advise us on the right head strategy: heads on the cartridges or a head that stays on the printer. Clogging is a risk for a head in the printer but heads on the cartridge might be very expensive Refilling heads on the cartridge seems best. Throw them away when they break?
    I hope someone can point me to the name of the process and give me advise about good printers.

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    Hi Geoff and welcome to GDF.

    We ask all new members to read very important links here and here. These explain the rules, how the forum runs and a few inside jokes. No, you haven't done anything wrong, we ask every new member to read them. Your first few posts will be moderated, so don't panic if they don't show up immediately. Enjoy your stay.
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      Here is a method for printing color separations using Illustrator.

      I don't know how well this will work if feeding paper into any kind of inkjet device. Paper never quite enters the feed the same way twice so you will get registration shifts. If that is your intent, fine.

      For processing heavy watercolor paper, you are looking at an industrial machine, not a home printer, and not a printer with a sharp turn around a drum.

      As for inks, with an industrial printer, you are looking at feed lines and tanks. Run the maintenance and idle routines. If the printer is not going to be used daily, flush it. Epson is pretty much the industry standard for giclee/fine art quality pigmented inks. HP makes similar inks too. Some epsons will take single sheet feed in fairly hefty weights, but the alignment is pretty iffy.

      If I were going to do this digitally and wanted for some reason to use this method, I'd look into a flatbed style UV printer, where the paper is held stationary on a vacuum table and the printhead travels over it. Registration will be pretty darn spot on and no worries about paper jams. You want LED curing as the hotter mercury UV lamps might singe the paper. There are entry level units that have smaller beds. Mimaki makes some table top sized models.
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