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Printing to PDF from Quarkxpress9....everything skews

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  • Printing to PDF from Quarkxpress9....everything skews

    Hello. I recently purchased a business that had ancient computers that are about to die. I bought a new laptop and desktop with top of the line specs for graphics/design. I open my project in Quark just fine and make my changes/edits and everything looks good but when I print to pdf(to send to printer) everything goes outside the boxes and skews. This does not happen on the old machine. I have found on one file I just needed to re-import the graphics and it helped but then I start on the next one and everything is a mess. I have tried just about everything in the AdobePDF printer options, I have messed with virtual memory, I have tried exporting as a pdf from name I have done it. I am attaching a before pic(The actual layout project) and the after (The pdf results). I really need to get this resolved as I have 2 great computers that will speed up my work time considerably but they are useless if I can't get this issue whooped. Thank you to all for your help. I am using a new Windows 10 computer: Intel i7-7700(3.6), 16 G Ram, 125ssd and 2tb hd, 64bit,
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      From what quark version to what version?
      Did you go from Mac to PC or vice versa? (this will cause all kinds of kerning issues)
      Do you happen to have Acrobat Distiller? Try printing to postscript (.ps) then distilling in Acrobat Distiller to PDF.
      Maybe the Quark rep that hangs around here has some other answers for you. I havent used quark in years, but did just recently have some files come in from V4.1 that we opened in V8 on a High Sierra mac without a hitch.


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        I could be wrong, but it looks like the only thing acting up is the curvy rectangle snaking boxes on either side. Everything else looks like it's staying put. Perhaps redraw or fix those and see if that fixes it.
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