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  • Page arrangement for book signatures

    What software will arrange pages for the bookbinder once the number of leaves per signature is decided? Can Indesign do it? Quark? Is there a utility that does it or do you work it all out and rearrange the pages by yourself?

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    Are you a printer? Is this something the printer is requesting you to do?


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      I'm not a printer, my bookbinder has a colour laser and told me he could print the book for me. He wasn't very helpful on the phone about arranging the pages so I thought I'd find out about the subject. I bet there are printers out there who do this all the time.


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        You can impose in InDesign but you need to talk again to the Bookbinder and see what size he wants it. Does he want 2pg spreads or does he want it set up as 16pg or 8pg. 2pg would be simple but it gets more complicated when you increase the number. If it is a binder job it sounds like each page will be cut seperately, not perfect bound or saddle stitched, correct? Will the pages go into a ringed binder? Are there bleeds on the pages?


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          Originally posted by arnoldthepotter
          I bet there are printers out there who do this all the time.
          I bet there are. I'm a printer. Jimking is a printer. Most printers with press rooms would rather do the imposition themselves. You need to know the bindery technique. The weight of the paper (thickness). If it's coil bound or perfect bound, thickness doesn't matter. If it's saddlestitched, size DOES matter. I don't think jim was being flip about his answer, just that we hate to see people bring in jobs all paginated and can't be used. I will some day have a t-shirt that says "CALL YOUR PRINTER FIRST" enblazened across the front.

          Sorry, it must be Friday. Please, call around, give the printer what they need. The prepress guy (ME) will respect you for calling ahead.
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            Now I've had to refer to a glossary and I think I used the wrong term earlier, they are called sections aren't they? And imposition is the arrangement? This is for a craft binding, a one off for a book my daughter wrote. Doesn't the number of pages in a section depend on the weight of the paper? No doubt the bookbinder will have a preference once the paper is chosen.
            The Indesign printing dialog looks complicated but the word imposition isn't in plain sight.


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              I call them signatures. Yes, Imposition is the arrangement of the pages. You really need to talk to this person because of the way it's going to bind. Craft binding could be a way the sheet folds down, then bound, then trimmed, or it could be that it does not fold first but instead the pages are cut down into single pages, colated and then bound. You need to know this before you procede. Because it has everything to do with arrangement. Plus does any image cross over the paste board? (bleed)
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                Thanks Jimking and Rickself, I'll drop in and have a chat with him.


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                  For the record, yes there are plugins for both InDesign and Acrobat that handle impositions, but in nearly 99% of cases, the offset printer prefers to do this himself.

                  As for digital laser outputting-- that's a bit different.

                  Almost all print shops, big and small, now use RIPs that easily handle basic imposition tasks for these units.

                  What about in-house runs? I've developed a few 'one-sheet' imposition templates that I use on our 11 x 17 laser. For instance, I just did an 16 page 'pocket booklet' (4 x 5 inches) this week using one of these and it's practically instant to use. All I did was create the accurate layout (with proper trim marks, margins, centering, bleed allowance, etc.) on a full sheet template file and placed a 16 page 'dummy' PDF file in the right order for each side. Then when I have my content ID file (page size 4 x 5) ready, I export it as a PDF to replace the dummy that's linked to the layout template. Update the link, and voila, instant imposition. As long as I export to replace the original linked dummy file, that's all I need do for the next job that fits this spec.






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