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Why would it do this?

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  • Why would it do this?

    Worked on a design for two weeks, have printed on my computer, sent to hubby's at work, school computer, looks the same every time it's printed. Took it this afternoon to campus printer for final printing since they would be doing the print job and it won't print right on their color printer. Prints fine on b/w.

    Problem is it looks like it duplicates a rectangle on part of the page which happens to be a thumb and totally ruins the pic. This file is in Illy CS. When it's changed to pdf, there's a line but no rectangle which is still very noticible.

    There's no duplicate file of the hand so any suggestions why it's doing this? And why a certain area and not all the fingers for instance?

    I'd post a scan for you to see but I don't know how...

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    I think I'd have to see it to make an educated guess... here's a tutorial on using images here:
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      Is the thumb over any transparent images or images with drop shadows?
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        No, the hand is on the bottom layer. I have placed an image over it and I thought that might have something to do with it but that image isn't affected at all, it's not the same area.

        If you can imagine someone holding their hand out with sand in it, the thumb gets repeated again, offset about 0.25 in. The sand part is the image placed on top but it doesn't touch that part.

        Does that lend a clue to why? 'Cause I'm bumfuzzled...


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          Hard to visualize. I have only had that prob in Illy CS when applying an outer glow or some other effect. Could you try flattening the whole thing before printing it?


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            There's no glow on any of it. It was created in Photoshop then placed in Illy and text added.

            What puzzles me is that it doesn't show up at all on my computer where it was created, on hubby's print from a laser printer when the file was saved as pdf and sent, on the school classroom printer off the jump drive but when the same jump drive is used at another computer in another building, it shows up. The lady sent the same file to her b/w printer and it came out fine.

            The weird thing is it's just the thumb part, it's not the entire side of the hand. At first, I thought it was a duplicate copy from Photoshop but it's not because when I move it, the whole thing moves.

            I guess I'll go back to Photoshop and start from there, see what it is that I'm placing in Illy and hope I see something wrong somewhere.

            At least it goes along with my research paper that's due soon - From the computer to printed piece and the problems of getting it right!


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              Originally posted by Calligirl
              the thumb gets repeated again, offset about 0.25 in.
              1/4 inch is a HUGE offset! There is nothing minor about that!

              I would have to see this file to even fathom a guess...
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                It's not 1/4 inch. Oh, yes it is. There's actually two different boxes, not one. Aw, crap.

                There's the hand, side view, fingers pointed to the right. Then, there's an image along the bottom edge of the hand which looks like part of the image which is cut off and the box juts out to the right so that there's an ugly triangle sticking out to the side. Then on top of that is another box which is to the LEFT of the thumb so it looks like two thumbs. So there's actually three images sitting on top of one another and none are lined up.

                That is so freakin' weird since I KNOW I only have one image there! The image that is transparent that goes on top of the hand in the picture is perfectly lined up, nothing wrong there. It's colors, red yellow and blue, no fingers!

                This is so maddening. I'm starting over in the morning. I have all the separate files still in Photoshop. I'll just do it again and flatten it or something then place it and see what happens.

                I could print the damn thing out of Photoshop except assignment says it has to be done in Illy, photos tweaked in Photo, design in Illy. It may be time to break that rule 'cause I am totally disgusted at this point.


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                  Somebody tell me how to post this thing and I'll scan it in.






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