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How many C's do I need to print in Greyscale + a PMS Color

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  • How many C's do I need to print in Greyscale + a PMS Color

    Hello All,

    I do a lot of graphic design and I have a client who needs some brochures printed. So I sent out a quote and in the quote, I wrote Greyscale + a PMS color for the text color. After I got a few quotes, I was confused since one simply said B&W 1/1 while the other said 1c/1c. What #C do I need to print in Greyscale + PMS color? I got really confused since the quotes have like a 40% difference in that the B&W 1/1 is cheaper...



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    Greyscale + PMS = 2 colors. 2 colors front and back = 2/2.

    If I were to ask for a quote I would write it like this:

    "2/2, Black + PMS both sides", or " 2c2s, Black + PMS"






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