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    I am creating generic co-op ads for my company that our dealers can use for advertising our products. I am trying to find a resource that gives the standard size for newspaper ads and magazine ads. We are wanting to offer 3 sizes as options. I wanted to go with the most popular sizes for these ads. Any help would be appreciated.



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    There is no such thing as "Standard Print Ad Sizes". Contact individual publications for their most up-to-date media kits. Work out a common denominators.


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      Thanks, their sizes are across the board. I have not run into one publications with the same size as the last. Each has a different spec for bleed etc. I am just curious to know how other companies such as Yamaha four wheelers, John Deer, etc run their co-op ads for dealers? It would be a full time job for someone to sit there and cater each ad for each dealer. There has to be some type of standard out there? Or I would hope?


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        duck lovers right, no standard size and heres the best part, you need to decide what page you intend to put your ad in, for instance how many times have you picked a magazine or newspaper up and you never even made it to the centre page and thrown it away? exactly it will cost more to have your ad earlier in the magazine or newspaper.
        This is were targeted audience intelligence comes in, how much of the magazine or newspaper does your target actually read, do they read certain pages, or just the back sports category, or maybe just the single one page,(page3,the sun, for all the pervs out there), once you work this out, you can then dominate by having a full layout or alittle 10x10, you decide, balls in your court.


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          All of our industry trade magazines that we advertise in usually have breaks of 1/4 page, 1/2 page and full page sizes. And they are all 8.5x11 pages (or close).
          I don't know what to tell you other than allow for bleed off and large safeties to cover a good number of sizes.

          Newspapers are a mystery to me. Column width and linear column inches <shudder>


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            As others have said, pick your pubs very carefully - then get the specs for each and adjust for each. A lot have designers of their own that can work with something close to the size they require, but that's taking your chances. From what I can tell, there's no standard for any of it. Heck, you could set up your own mag right now with any crazy size requirements you wanted.

            Sorry, that's not very helpful. Keep it somewhat flexible, and give yourself plenty of safe space (most car ads I've seen are just a shot of the car, maybe still maybe driving, with plenty of breathing room, probably for this very reason).

            I'll be watching this in case anyone has better insights.
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              From my years spent working at a newspaper... In the U.S., there aren't really "standard" sizes for newspaper ads. You might find standardization between newspapers owned by a parent company, but that's about it.

              As PrintDriver said, U.S. newspaper ad sizes are specified in columns (horizontal) and column inches (vertical). Horizontal measurements at most U.S. newspapers are measured in picas and points, while the vertical measurements are measured in inches. Most newspapers have a basic grid, but there might be several variations of that grid that are used.

              If you want to run a 3-column by 4-inch ad, for example, you first have to know the width of their columns and the gutters between the columns. If their column widths measure, say, 12p8 with 11pt gutters, a little math is required: (12p8 x 3) + (0p11 x 2) = 39p10. So the ad size will be 39p10 x 4 column inches. Most newspaper rate cards translate those measurements into inches for the public, so you'll see some really wonky sizes, like 6.8983" x 5 1/2", but as has been said, there's really no industry standard for ad sizes. Some newspaper don't even bother with points and specify horizontal measurements in picas and decimals.

              This lack of standardization actually makes it easier in some ways. Most newspapers will just take the PDF and enlarge or shrink it to fit their column widths. The cost of the ad, by the way, usually depends on where it runs in the newspaper and the total number of column inches taken up by the ad.


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                Nobody using agates?

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                  Originally posted by eugenetyson View Post
                  Nobody using agates?
                  At the newspaper where I worked, the sport scores and stock listings were always set in agate. I think most papers have stopped doing that now, though, and put that sort of thing online where there's more room and where they can be updated as needed. Except for local weeklies and alternative tabloids, daily newspapers are on life support.


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                    Here in NZ, every publication is different so I always request specific mm measurements and specifications.

                    Columns vary from publication to publication so you can't just design a generic 2 column ad, a 3 column ad, quarter page, half page... for the client to use. They need to be altered every so slightly to fit every publication they decide to advertise in.

                    Agate? I thought that was a rock...
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                      Thank you all. Great insight to prints ads.

                      I now have to try to convince my supervisor that there is no standard for advertisements. My world may get a little more busy now as we are starting to develop co-op advertising, ha ha.

                      Do you all have any recommendations for how to accomplish this? We are creating basic ads that our dealers can download to use for their marketing purposes. They will be PDF's with a fillable form that they can put their dealer information in. I am sure I can figure something out, but wondered if anyone has found a solution to expedite this process?


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                        I don't know why there it would be hard to convince them? Go to a newsagents and ask them for left over newspapers from the day before, perhaps any old magazines they are trying to rid of or something.

                        Then cut some adverts into a scrapbook of sorts and show them there literally isn't any standard size.

                        Hardly difficult to physically show someone that 20 newspapers/magazines run multiple sized adverts.

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                          Very true.


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                            If you do a google search for "rate cards" you'll find dozens of them online from various magazines and newspapers. Rate cards usually list the ad prices, sizes and other specs for the ads that various publications will accept. Most every newspaper or magazine has a rate card.


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                              We usually do a bulk media buy. We buy space in several papers, over a period of months. That way we're locked in to one ad size per paper for the length of the flight. It works pretty well for us. Maybe instead of the dealers downloading and placing the ads themselves, you could do it at the corporate level. I'm sure you'd save a ton of money that way. It's worth checking out.
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