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  • Live Format/Border. Confused!

    Hey there!

    I have a short question.

    I have the assignment to do an artwork on following format.
    Format: 22.75 inches x 35 inches

    Attention: 1" border on the format so
    Live format: 20.75 x 33 inches

    Is the 1" border meant as a bleed box?
    1" would be to much, wouldn't it?


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    It sounds like you are talking about a LIVE AREA, which is 1" in from the trim, meaning you shouldn't have text or important information outside of this area, think of it like an obligatory 1" margin.

    EDIT, It could also be referring to a portion covered by a frame, so the mechanical size is 22.75 x 35, but the visible size is 20.75 x 33, in which case you may want to give yourself an even bigger margin.
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      Great, thank you so much!

      Is 22.75 inches x 35 inches a standard format in US? In germany its pretty uncommon...

      PS: The artwork is for a studio in Chicago where I will do my internship in summer. So i want to do everything right. I have to deliver the project tomorrow


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        I can't help you there, I'm in Canada, its an odd size IMO, but then again some OOH ad spaces are weird sizes (and shapes)
        Design is not decoration.






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