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How much to charge for package design?

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  • How much to charge for package design?


    can anyone tell me generally how much you charge for package design?

    Also, can you recommend some good printing resources for package printing?


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    Welcome aboard nhood!

    We ask that all new members have a read through each of the threads posted HERE with the rules and FAQs and such so you know how this place works.

    Speaking of rules, we cannot discuss pricing on the forum, at least not in terms of actual dollars. Plus, pricing is extremely subjective and dependent on so many factors (location, competition, skill level, etc.) that any guidance a member here could give you here simply may not work for you.

    If you can pick up a copy of the Graphic Artist Guild Handbook, it will help you determine a pricing structure that will work for you.
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      30 bacons


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        Quite honestly, most pro designers don't post their pricing online. It's per project based on the project needs.
        A packaging project isn't just making a pretty box.
        Is branding required? Logos? Copy? Engineering for carton pack/paletting? Photos? Vacuforming? Who is handling production? Marketing of the product? Does the product tie into other product lines? Are consumer tests required?
        For some bizarre reason, people seem to think you can crowdsource this stuff or go into it with no education or training.


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          Originally posted by ZHGD View Post
          30 bacons
          Wow -- nearly a quarter of an Internet? Just shows how rates vary.


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            Jeez, I charge 30 bacons just for 'ideas'.


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              Besides what has already been mentioned some packaging will also have regulatory requirements that need to be met depending on what the packaging is for ie food, dietary supplements, drugs. Not knowing the regulations is not an excuse for not following them.
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                Our shop charges 60 pancakes an hour for design work. Pro rated.
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                  Yah know, the OP never came back...


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                    Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
                    Yah know, the OP never came back...
                    But the cat came back, the very next day
                    The cat came back –they thought he was a goner
                    But the cat came back and it wouldn't stay away...

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