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  • Puzzling image behavior

    I have created a postcard for a client in InDesign and on it is a star that is supposed to be yellow. Originally, this was also an ad in a local newspaper, and when it came out printed in the paper, the star was green. This was then an object created in InDesign.

    So I went to Illustrator, created the same object as a vector one with a CMYK profile of C0 M10 Y85 K0, and linked the star to my InDesign file. The next newspaper ad came out fine.

    Next was the postcard, which was printed digitally. I created the file in InDesign, using the star from Illustrator and it came out green again! (Unfortunately, my client did not forward me the proof for the printer and approved it, sigh).

    My question is: why does this image come out green in print?

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    Looks like the star was set to overprint. Yellow+blue = green.


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      Perhaps the star is set to overprint, which would combine the blue and yellow colors into the green.
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        You're right, I just checked in Overprint view mode and that is the issue. Thanks for the help!
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          I do believe it's in attributes when you select the star.
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            One more question then: my client got a soft proof from the printer (which they didn't share with me) and the star was fine on it. I never got a warning about this. How can you prevent this from happening if nothing ever shows up until the document is actually printed?


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              Make sure you don't set it to Overprint...

              Not sure what else you could do but maybe someone else has an idea.
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                Indeed but strange as I've never had that happened before. I don't use the Attributes panel, so I wonder how the Overprint option ever got checked. Odd but I learnt something!


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                  Not 100% but is it possible you clicked an option while importing the image?

                  Although... come to think of it, I don't think there's an Overprint option when you import an image... hmmmmmm
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                    There's also an Overprint preview in both ID and Acrobat.


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                      If the proof was right, with a yellow star, the final should be right too, with a yellow star.
                      Sounds like one tech fixed it to be yellow to match your (supposedly supplied) hardcopy, and someone else saw it set to over print and 'fixed' it for press.






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