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recommendations for an A3+ borderless printer, plus problems with double-sided printing.

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  • recommendations for an A3+ borderless printer, plus problems with double-sided printing.

    basically i amtornbetween the epson stylus photo 1290s and the canon i am a student,and both of themhave astronomical price tags on them, i would appreciate it if there are any other recommendations on an alternative A3+ that performs like a ferrari but its economical at the same time.

    also, whenever i print double-sided on a sheet of paper, the images never sync, and it's way anal, because i tend to produce a lot of booklets and i always have problems about the front and back alignment. suggestions anyone?


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    have a look at the HP CP1700, CP1700 D or CP1700PS (comes with RIP). V. economical, fast and high quality.



    mouth: 07966 160 983






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