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anyone have problems with ARTANIUM DYE-SUBLIMATION INK?EPSON pro4000 printers?CLOGGING?

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  • anyone have problems with ARTANIUM DYE-SUBLIMATION INK?EPSON pro4000 printers?CLOGGING?


    I was just wondering if we were the only people on the planet having trouble with clogged nozzles on our epson printers or artanium dye-sublimation ink? We've had nothing but trouble with our epsons and we cannot, for the life of me, figure out if it's our printers our the ink. Sawgrass, by the way, is worthless for transfering anything but fabric substrates. The magentas bleed: you cannot get a clean line. And the blacks all print green.

    Any suggestions or comments are very welcome and would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Ummmmmmm Ya.....

    Someone will be along shortly with some 'helpfull' comments, I just wanted to say

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      Epsons clog - doesn't matter type, make, year - they clog. It's the printer itself.

      The reason they make such damn nice prints is because they use really, really small holes. And the trouble with that is it's a lot easier to clog. Also, some companies like HP make the print heads disposable, built into the cartridge. So you get a new set of print heads every time you change the ink. That doesn't happen with an Epson.

      and if you're the anal type that likes to know enough to end up getting you commited

      This should give you some places to start with.

      (Curious what printer I own? Epson. Best looking prints for the money.)

      PS. I take no responcibility from anything contained in any of these pages, nor the results you may or may not achieve. Good luck!

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        Thanks, GrfxGawd. I'll look into it. Also, I really appreciate such a quick response. I think this forum is awesome. Very helpful. Nice to know there are so many like-minded people somewhere out there. I'll return soon.

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          I recently re-setup my Epson. We had moved and it sat for about 6 months. It of course would not print. It took me almost an hour of running test patterns and cleaning cycles, but I got it working again. Now I just need to go buy some new ink cartridges...

          Every cleaning cycle is not equal. The more times you do it the more thorough it gets. Up to at least three times.

          Epsons are not good in high dust environments, nor do they tolerate inactivity well. Anything that can bind to the head can potentially cause it to clog, including the ink that goes through it.

          Also it's been said that the little tubes from the bellows can collapse or fail fairly easily, meaning you won't have a clogged head, but you won't be printing with that cartridge any more.

          Good luck with the little beasties! I hope you get them to spitting out ink like they're 'spozed to.

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            for dye sub, you want your blacks usually set up to 400% 100 cyan 100 magenta 100 yell0w 100 black.
            not sure with your epson I use mimakis and JETI for dye sub work and they come out looking great

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              Mutoh rocks!

              PD is a grande format digital print dude. His advice/opinions may not apply to the 4color/offset/web world of printing


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                I use ArTainium inks in my EPSON 1400 and have no problems with clogs. When not in use TURN IT OFF! This keeps the print head parked on a moist pad and helps prevents air from drying the ink. Also, print a test page every day to keep the head moist and to wipe the head. Do this even if you are not going to use the machine, then TURN IT OFF. The reason EPSON doesn't put their print head in the disposable cartridge is because they use a completely different technology. HP uses heat to put ink to paper and EPSON doesn’t. You can not heat ArTainium inks or they vaporize & dry in the print head instead of on the garment or other product.
                As far as the CYMK palette goes, don’t use it! ArTainium inks were designed for use with the RGB palette. Don’t ask me why, I didn’t design the inks, I just use them everyday for the last five years. If you don’t believe this, go into your graphics program and print a “BLACK” square with the CYMK palette and another using the RGB palette and yet another with the 100 cyan 100 magenta 100 yellow 100 black method Boscow suggested. Then print them on a shirt or other product and tell me which one is really “BLACK”. The CYMK palette will give you a dark chocolate brown. When you change a CYMK black to RGB in CorelDraw for instance, you will get a color of R-36;G-32;B-29, not the true black that R-0;G-0;B-0 will give you! Try it for yourself and you will see. Another thing about the ArTainium inks; you must set up and use your color management profile in the appropriate graphics program and you must use the ICC color profile and print driver designed for your particular printer.


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                  closing this up as it is 5 years old ... if a new discussion wants to be started feel free to do so
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