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    Do you loose any quality or perfectness when turning your fonts to outlines for a printer/press?
    Wouldn't it mess up small body copy a little?
    Isn't it better to send PDF or orig. file with fonts instead of orig. outlined?

    -- eff.

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    Outlining your fonts will make them slightly thicker/bolder - it doesn't make any difference if the type is bigger, but on smaller body copy you may notice a change.

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      That's sort of what I thought. So 540pt. type will increase in size the same amount as 7pt. ?

      -- eff.


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        The more text you have to outline the larger the file will be too. Can make emailing difficult.

        PD is a grande format digital print dude. His advice/opinions may not apply to the 4color/offset/web world of printing






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