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Multiply and printing!?!

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  • Multiply and printing!?!

    On the back of the postcard i did for ClioSport i used a multiply on the image of the car, and was wondering if that would cause a problem when printing? The image is a monotone using the same CMYK values as the background of the card, would that be considered a 1 colour job, or would that be 2 colour (if it can be printed at all)!?! Ignore the coloured stripes, as they will be removed to make the printing cheaper!

    The image hasn't been calibrated yet either, but ignore that, as i'll have to calibrate the entire card when i get a Pantone guide anyway....

    Thanks for your help


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    shouldn't be an issue

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      Cheers Joe!

      Will it pass as 1 colour? Or am i just hoping??? lol!






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