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I'm looking for 8.5x11 clear labels

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  • I'm looking for 8.5x11 clear labels

    Anyone know what company might produce 8.5 x 11 clear labels to use in a laser printer? We need to make footprints on a carpet, and want to avoid cutting out the foot shape. So if we could get clear labels, that would work, but I don't see anything on Xerox or Avery's sites.

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    staples or office max?
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      get some acetate a scalpel and some spray paint. crafts are fun, wienerdude.


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        There are specialty print shops that can usually do this type of thing with vinyl. I had to do some window stickers recently, seems like that might do the trick. I don't remember the cost, but I don't think it was outrageous. There are different types of adhesive, too, depending on how permanent you want them to be.
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          but I guess I am not getting how you stick this to carpet (or why), so maybe not. ?? lol
          You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on. --GWB


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            Hey what about printing them on a transparency (hp makes transparency acetate 8.5 x 11 for inkjet and laser printers), then use a dab of rubber contact cement to afix them on the carpet. The dab of rubber cement should hurt the carpet at all and should come off easily.

            I am sure you could find some clipart foots prints, possibly at or a similar site.

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                Find a local sign shop with a Gerber 'EDGE'. They can print an 11.5" path and cut a 12.5" path on vinyl rolls and CLear Static Cling. Light tack non-adhesive (no glue to clean up), variety of colors, reusable - a nice product.

                Can also be made on clear vinyl with permanent adhesives. Even make them out of flocking (fuzzy iron-on stuff).
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                  No one is asking how long you want em to last...
                  Anything stuck to carpet (depending on the nap) lasts as long as it takes the first person to walk over it usually. Some of the Avery floor graphic systems say they'll stay stuck to low-nap industrial carpet but you'll have to find a print vendor that prints them (many sign shops do). BUT, I've only seen them barely make it thru a trade show stop without edge rolling or lifting.

                  Have you considered stencils and paint?


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                    when went to write this, my cat stepped on the monitor and pressed ctrl+alt+del


                    say it with me now, people: "CRAFTS ARE FUN!!!"

                    woooohoo! yeah!

                    *unc highfives monitor*
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                      Stencil and Paint. I think I said that too...

                      Crafts are fun?
                      But can you do them with a computer?
                      I mean, I don't know if I can do crafts if I can't at least be holding my mouse in one hand...


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                        my concession: print vector artwork onto acetate.

                        we good? spray cans at dawn?


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                          Likely to get caught in broad daylight. Call it for midnight and yer on...






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