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  • Giclée: to squirt

    Giclée printing...i enjoy the way they look and i can get quotes locally, but i've never had any of my work printed using this method.

    any advice? tips? warnings? stories?

    Giclée printing...discuss...

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    never heard of it

    man I am so much help aren't I?
    "Even when I'm not at 100%, I'm still 110% better then anyone else!"

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      THANKS, JOE!


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        I hope that makes your choice for ya
        "Even when I'm not at 100%, I'm still 110% better then anyone else!"

        Check out my indie comic books at and


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          The important question is do they have beer?


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            useless. you two are useless.


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              In a week attempt of being use full (I'm a man remember) I say ask for samples. Do a test run something simple that you can forgive them for messing up. Then decide if there worth their weight in salt. I use a lot of internet based printing. One thing is if there customer support sucks don’t bank on them you know a relationship with you printer can make you or break you especially in a time of need.

              Did that help?


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                did someone say chicklets?


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                  cool it's fine art printing (I Googled it). the site I found was impressive. they had a nice QT movie explaining the process.
                  "Even when I'm not at 100%, I'm still 110% better then anyone else!"

                  Check out my indie comic books at and


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                    that was good, sound, redundant advice benjo - thanks!

                    delete - we're talking about sleeping bags, actually.

                    defjoe - what is that link? i know what it is, but i'd like to see your amazing site. please?


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                      Unk, do you really want to know about Giclee?

                      It's a fine art digital inkjet process. True giclee is printed in a drum printer and usually has a size limit that will depend on the vendor.

                      It used to be the inks were good for 10 years and would only go onto a very high quality acid-free paper but now the inksets have some pretty decent life expectencies (if the print is mounted and framed correctly) and there are all sorts of substrates available including canvas looks and textured canvas. Be sure to ask the vendor for the Wilhelm rating of his inks and substrates.

                      These prints have been fighting for acceptance in the Fine Art world and only recently, with the new inksets, have become accepted in the signed/limited edition collectors' world.

                      Expensive in comparison to other inkjet but you can ask more for them as well.


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                        thanks pd. that's pretty much what i knew...i've just never gone through the process myself before. you need transparancies of the piece...right? how exciting.

                        i've got a few illustrator buddies who have embraced this process and are doing well by it. takes a lot of hassle out of print-making, when you are about the one piece, rather than the process of hand-pulling 500.

                        could you use the giclee process to make a book? wow, i never thought of that before. could you bind the end product? do people do that, or is it ridiculous?


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                          i know it would be an expensive book, but i'm just brain-storming here...


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                            You do need a good transparency IF the art is not already digital.

                            Not a 35mm. Depending on the art, a 2-1/4 may do it or a 4" may be better. Most vendors will either be able to do it for you or they work with an art photographer that can.

                            I never really thought about using it as a replacement for screen printing or printmaking because we always seem to screen on 'boards' of some kind.

                            I suppose you could make a book with it. But I don't know of one that prints double-sided. Most of the substrates have a 'good' side. Some of the lighter canvases would take stitching nicely. Possibly some of the papers as well. Or get all avant-garde on the binding... could be fun.

                            Damn Unk. Always thinking out of the box eh?
                            I know an artist who is selling limited editions of his prints for over $500 a whack. He gets $5000-$10000 for an original oil painting.


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                              hmmmm...methinks i'll have to find out who buddies use locally and have a chat with them.

                              also, looking at the amount of detail that the scans pick up makes me want to do vector, acrylic and hand printed projects...aaaaaaaargh! too many ideas! not enough money!

                              lol! story of my life.

                              thanks, pd!






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