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  • AmitMan
    Reply to Seeking critiques
    I quite like it, maybe play around with some more typefaces and see how you go. Maybe see how a classical typeface like optima, bodoni or perpetua look? Maybe thats the kind of look your after....
    Today, 10:31 AM
  • thatstheway
    Reply to Freelance Advice - Family Conflict
    I have some education in the designing field but I wouldnt consider myself a professional.
    I enjoy myself some well done design-visuals but I dont earn money with it.
    So I hope its still okay...
    Today, 07:45 AM
  • mguise
    While working on a logo for a client, he sent me logo designs from another designer
    Please forgive me if this is a general situation which has been posted before but I’m at a loss as to how to handle this.

    I have a client that requested that I design a logo for him....
    Today, 05:58 AM
  • Red Kittie Kat
    Reply to Really cool and really freaky at the same time.
    Red Kittie Kat
    That was pretty neat ... I thought they were paintings as well.
    Today, 04:35 AM
  • <b>
    Reply to Flyer tutorial
    Welcome to the forum Designerbuddy. The first few posts from every forum member are moderated to keep spam off the site, so if your posts don't show up immediately, there's no need to post again. A moderator...
    Today, 04:30 AM
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  • prepress which black or registration

    Could someone please just give some brief points on when my text should be black and when it should be registration. Is 'rich black' the same as registration, or do I have to 'mix' it myself (K = 100% and C/M 40%)?

    Your help is always apreciated.

  • #2
    Text should never be registration or rich black unless you want some angry pressmen. Registration should only be used for targets, ticks and non printing notes outside the margins. Rich black should be used for large areas of solid black only.


    • #3
      Exactly what i needed to know - thanks heaps!


      • #4
        Your welcome, and welcome to the forum


        • #5
          Out of interest Kool, what happens when you have a large are a of rich black (100%K/45%C) with reveresed out text (10pt). Should I be playing with the trapping settings on the cyan?


          • #6
            I've never bothered, cyan is light enough that a tiny bit out of register won't show up. Visually the black will dominate. I never trap text ever unless it's real big, like 200 pts AND a spot color.


            • #7
              fair enough. I've used a rich black with white-out text on business cards and the misregistered ones don't look too bad, but I wondering if there was anything I could do to reduce it. I'll probably just use 100% K next time


              • #8
                No you need to use rich black or it will often come out kind of dark gray. Just don't try and trap the text. It's not necessary, a few dots of 40% C M or Y won't be noticable unless you use loupe. What you are doing by using the rich black is making the ink a little thicker, a little heavier. to give you that deep dark look. The eye will just see the black because it is so dominate and will cancel out any bleed over.


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