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Transparency Printing Problems

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  • Transparency Printing Problems

    hi guys

    just wondering cud you help me out - i've been creating posters and brochures using photoshop and indesign but when it comes to printing sometimes the transparent objects print with a big white box around them. as you can imagine its not a nice sight. i've messed around with the flattening settings in indesign - setting it to raster - i've exported it to pdf leaving huge file sizes which still have the same problem. At a loss really - any ideas???


    p.s. i have a feeling the answer is obvious and when i have the answer i will read back over this message saying "jasus dangu your an awful fool!!!"

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    What exactly do you mean by Transparent objects? are u using photoshop to create an image that has a transparent background and then placeing it over a colored background in Indesign? if that is the case someone with Indesign experience will be around soon to help you out...


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      using clipping paths - saving as psd's - importing to indesign. add more content in indesign including transparent/watermarked text. exporting to acrobat - saving as pdf. i've messed around with the flattening settings in indesign to no avail. colour is always in cmyk.

      its transparent text and some pictures which are turing out drastically different then on screen. i'm not using hue/saturation/difference or any other crazy setting - i know they sometimes cause problems

      any ideas wud be greatly appreciated



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        are you sure you are creating paths correctly in photoshop? after you have made a path in ps make sure you open the paths window and save the path. Then when you import it into ID go to Object, Clipping paths and select photoshop path from the menu. Also I don't import photoshop files into indesign (i know you can though), they're usually tifs if they're photos.






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