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DPI for an AD Hodings made

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  • DPI for an AD Hodings made


    I what to know in what resulution does the outside hoding's designed.

    Do the use 300 dpi or 100 dpi.

    I am not sure so pls help

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    Guys cant anyone help me on this


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      What is a Hodings?


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        An hoding is an out door ad that you see them on hi ways or big shopping malls. Say u see the once on the road or high way a big ad prented on flex or vinial


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          I jus wanted to know on what resulution do they work on


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            This could be a tricky thing. It could depend on the device that's outputting the Large imaged material instead. If your graphic is 10'x15' at a resolution of 300 (very large file) It would still be up to the sign people to output at the resolution that they prefer. Call a large sign maker and ask them.


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              You do need to a call and ask the printer. They all do it differently. They will give you a formula to use for layout size and image rez. It usually works out to less than 35dpi, so don't be surprised.






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