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Printing a booklet in InDesign

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  • Printing a booklet in InDesign

    Hi All,

    I have created a 12 page a5 booklet in InDesign CS, but i have been told to do the pages differently like 12 - 1, 11 - 2 etc to be printed.

    I am just curious how i should go about this. At the moment they are all in order from 1 through to 12.

    Does anyone know of somewhere where i can download a template or something, i have tried looking with not much success.

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    strange, i thought usually the printer does that sort of stuff (correct me if i'm wrong someone). Don't printers use a work and tumble or work and turn routine? I'm hazy on the subject so im keen to learn as well. try searching for those.

    PS. this is a US forum so peole might take a while to respond
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      I would say your best bet is to talk to your printer, ask them exactly how they want it layed out. One of the print guru's will probably be along shortly though...


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        I agree that your printer should have a huge say in this, but if you know what you're told is correct, you can do the following: If your book is 12 pages long, I'd go the low-tech route and get myself 3 pieces of blank paper, stack them up and fold them in half. Then, holding this folded mock-up of a 12 page book, I would number the pages 1-12. After that, take your mock-up booklet apart and you have the printer's spreads right there. You can use your pages window to reorder the pages and you're golden.

        Also, if you have Acrobat and a plug-in called "Quite Imposing", you can just export the InD file as a PDF in single pages format, open QI, and tell it to "make booklet" the instructions from there are pretty easy to follow.

        hope this helps.


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          >>but i have been told to do the pages differently like 12 - 1, 11 - 2 etc to be printed.<<

          Just wondering who 'told' you to do this... but since it is A5 size, it is reasonable to assume that it will be printed in-house on A4 paper i.e. 2-up, which will then be folded in half and stapled. This is called a 2-up imposition.

          You don't say which version of ID you are using, but if you are using V2, there is a free script available on the Adobe Studio Exchange site that does a great job of 2-up impositions.

          If this link is a little long - just go to and type 'twoup' (without quotes) in the search box 'what to find' on the left, and specify Indesign in the 'where to find' box. Download the file, unzip and copy to where the readme file directs. Then when ready to do the imposition, with your Indesign file open, go to Window>Scripts, click on the Twoup file name and run the script.


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            Originally posted by foxy_lady
            Hi All,

            I have created a 12 page a5 booklet in InDesign CS, but i have been told to do the pages differently like 12 - 1, 11 - 2 etc to be printed.

            I am just curious how i should go about this. At the moment they are all in order from 1 through to 12.
            InDesign is great for multi-page imposed files simply because the export as eps works so smooth, you get 12 eps files that you place back into printer spreads, numbered like you've mentioned. Realize that the sum of the 2 pages you impose should always equal the page count of your book...13 for your job. 12 & 1, 2 & 11, 10 & 3, 4 & 9, 8 & 5, and 6 & 7.

            The folded mock-up is a good idea and an educational one also. You can see how publications are put together. You'll notice from the mock-up that even pages fall on the left side.

            Again, talk to your printer. Unless you are printing this on a desktop printer in-office, talking to your printer will save you a lot of mucking around. They may, like we do where I work, have several presses for different jobs. We have presses that could run the whole twelve pages on one a work and turn or work and tumble with all 12 pages on one plate. You print one side of the sheet, flip the sheet over and print it again so that now your pages back each other up. This way you only pay for one plate, but the paper sheet size is bigger.

            Or it may be run on a smaller press sheetwise, using 2 plates with 6 pages per plate. One side gets printed from the first or out plate, the sheet is turned over and run back through with the back side is printed from the second or in plate. You pay for 2 smaller plates and a smaller sheet size, but more sheets.

            Or it may be run in small printer spreads like you've touched on...pages 12 and 1, 2 and 11, 10 and 3 and so on. The printer may run film on a smaller job like this.

            Cost of materials to you will play an important part in how you want the job run. How many inks you use, if you have bleeds...these will have an impact on what press your printer runs the job on, too.

            Hope this helps.

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              As a printer I would take your files exactly the way they are 1-12. Call your printer!


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                Ah, printer spreads vs. reader spreads. Sometimes once in a while, I'll go ahead and set them up on printer spreads for a special reason, but mostly the printer handles turning the reader spreads into printer spreads, like others have said.

                I don't have anything to add that's not been said already other than one thing....a plugin was mentioned for InDesign 2 that reshuffles the pages into printer spreads (it's also available on the CD). MAKE SURE you save before using this plugin (despite ID auto-backing up your stuff), because I have found this plugin - while functional - to be quite buggy and prone to crashing.


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                  Pagemaker has that feature, sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't. Especially if elements were bleeding off the page.


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                    Imposer Pro for InDesign. Quite good. There's also QuiteImposing, an Acrobat plugin.

                    But yeah, 19/20 times a printer requests to do that themselves.

                    BTW, the EPS route: the nice thing is that you can set up the template for this once, and if you rename a copy of your file to say, 'Impose' and export all the pages to a directory called 'Impose", then export the pages as EPSs, they'll be given a name like 'Impose_1.eps", "Impose_2.eps". Link these into the template, and for your next job of the same page size/count, you can re-export/overwrite the EPS files and it will set-up to the new files for final output.


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                      i once had this problem, and i had to convert the whole document to eps file - and then place each page as the printer wanted into pagemaker! a headache!!
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                        thanks everybody for your input on this issue.

                        i am going to download the plug in that someone suggested and hopes this works!

                        I also have another query, in Indesign CS, the first page can only be singular,(not double) is there anyway to get around this?


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                          Are you going to set your file up into printer spreads? If so page 12 will be a left hand page and Page 1 will be a right hand page. Just make a 12 page dummy. Take 3 8.5x11 sheets of pager, fold them in half (all together) number them like any old book then pull the sheets away from each other and open them up and you'll be able to see how you should layout your file.


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                            I just reread your first post and see that are using ID CS. The link I gave was for a script, not a plug-in, for V2. So it probably won't work. If CS does not have a supplied impostion script (and I think only the Pagemaker version included it), then go to the Adobe Exchange and search for an imposition script for CS.






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