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What to use for full color, 11x17, on 60lb-80lb paper?

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  • What to use for full color, 11x17, on 60lb-80lb paper?


    I'm new to the printing world, and I am looking for something very project specific here...

    I need to print:

    Full color...but depth doesn't matter much. Realistic photo quality is not that important... 600dpi or a litttle less would be fine I think.

    11x17 on 60lb-80lb paper. If it weren't for this all important requirement, I would probably just go with one of those new Xerox solid-ink phasers

    High Volume / fast? a high monthly duty cycle would be nice. I'm going to need to print about 50,000 of these 11x17 pages per month - 100k if you count that I need to print both sides. Decent cPPM for 11x17 would be nice.

    low cost per page.. the toner or ink or whatever should be very reasonable & parts should be readily available.

    low budget?... I'm trying to stay well under $5k for the printer if possible.

    I would like to go with some kind of digitial option if possible....

    Any suggestions?
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