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Color problems with Xerox 7750, Quark

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  • Color problems with Xerox 7750, Quark

    The problem with color results when 2 colors are placed over each other in Quark. The area where the colors overlap may be affected or certain colors may just print incorrectly. I've been able to fix it, but am not sure if this is the correct adjustment.

    It seems to be related to trap settings in quark. To solutions or "workaround" that I have discovered are:

    1. Go to your Print Dialog box and click the output tab. Set “print colors” to “As is”. This will override the trapping settings for the printout, but not change them.

    2. Go to your Preferences in Quark and change the trapping setting to “Knock out” This sets the trap to zero. This is not a universal Quark setting and must be adjusted for each file.

    Has anyone had any of the same problem? How did you resolve? Thanks

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    On all client Quark files I work on for printing, I knockout all and apply my own traps and overprints.






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