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    Does anyone use the bidding sites like,,, etc. What has been your experience? Are they worth joining?
    Appreciate the advice.

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    My opinion (and the general consensus of the people I have spoken to) is that these sites work by one designer trying to underbid the next.

    Spend the money on marketing yourself with a postcard campaign or something instead, and you will get work with your ethics intact.
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      Run for your life from such sites!!!

      - J.
      Jeff Fisher | Engineer of Creative Identity
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        Boston Freelance

        Exactly - sites like eLance make you compete with people who will do a 100 hour project for $100.

        There's a new freelance exchange on the 'net, Although it's free to sign up for projects, they have a very strict admissions policy. In order to qualify, you have to submit examples of your work -- and even still they reject more than 50% of the people who apply.

        It just started recently, you should check it out.



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          I use and get a bite once in a while. The good news is the listings are light so the time spent looking for work is minimal. I have not had to do any bottom feeding, but maybe that's why I get only occasional work, enough to make it worthwhile so far. The other sites I've seen, yes, run for your life.
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