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    I've started a blog with graphic design tips. Would like comments. I'm still a newbie, so posting some tips as I go along :-)

    Graphic Design Tips - Tips for newbie graphic designers

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    Originally posted by sadesigner

    I've started a blog with graphic design tips. Would like comments. I'm still a newbie, so posting some tips as I go along :-)

    please Don't EVER use Comic Sans! (for newbies).
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      Not a bad idea but you really need to do some research before you post to your blog. If you are going to make an entry about page layout software don't leave out the most used page layout program - QuarkXpress. USE INDUSTRY TERMS don't use "deep edging" to describe creating a clipping path or masking. This forum contains a wealth of knowledge, Welcome and good luck with your blog.
      Some advice is profound, some is clever. The above post is a good example of both.


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        That blog reminds me of a Pieter (the elder) Bruegal painting...

        LOTS more research. Less generalization.


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          Thanx guys, I'll put any good tips you give me here up there! So go for it! I've already updated with your comments so far...

          Is deep edging not the removal of either the background or certain objects from within a picture? I think there is a difference and it's different tools that are used (polygonal lasso tool as apposed to the pen tool)? Allthough you should (if you're more comfortable) be able to use the pen tool to do deep edging. Ok I see your point now, masking is probably more or less the same (and probably safer) than deep edging. It's a local term though since everyone I deal with here in SA uses it.

          Sorry for the general postings! As I'm on the learning curve myself, it'll probably get better over time. The idea is to post every time I learn something new!
          Last edited by sadesigner; 08-29-2005, 11:25 AM.
          Graphic Design Tips - Tips for newbie graphic designers


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            Your first post has the title, "Never use Sans Serif!"

            I am sure you didn't mean to say that. Right?
            You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on. --GWB


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              "Never use Sans Serif!" is too general.

              Say something like, "Avoid use of serifs near open flame"

              or, "Take serifs only under the direction of your Physician"

              or, "Stop poking it Johhny, I'm allergic to serifs"

              or, "Do not run with serifs, you could poke somebody's eye out with that"

              or, my favorite, "Do not eat"


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                I mean not to undermine your expertise but, stating your a new comer and starting a blog about graphic design tips... doesn't that sound a bit... i don't know.

                Contradicting of the sorts.


                I started reading through you blog and thought it would help to mention some thing(s).

                First off using slang like crap just appears very amatuer and unprofessional.

                I would correct it with something like; incorrect. Any word that gives the viewer the appearence of a more educated and professional individual.

                Also, as aftermentioned by others your "tips" are very general. I honestly can not see them helping out the non-designer or designer much.

                Reasoning: You flip flop every were from paragraph to paragraph. There exist no countinuity between statments. It is just random info thron together (for the most part). Unless the person reading this is a designer of the sorts I highly doubt they will/would follow much of what you are saying.

                However, as I read it the information is mainly general knowledge any educated designer should know.

                So the question is why am I going to read something that I allready know... especially when it is so general?

                If you would like to help out new comers then you best throughly explain every element of the process.

                Also, never use san seriff?... For some reaon via reading that I highly doubt you know what sans seriff even is little lone its uses in design.

                No offense but, your just have alot of inofrmation that is should I say topsie turvey (somewhat correct and somewhat not).

                like here:

                Well first off you could take a digital pic of your closet or cabinet. Then you can import to Photoshop and start playing lowres. Remember that you'll eventually want to do it high res for print. Vinyl printing should be fine, to be applicated afterwards.
                I get what your saying and on the other hand I do not. I know for fact if I was not educated in design I would not.

                This is under deep edging?... I don't know about anyone else but, I have never heard that term... maybe I'm just weird. This would be a situation were I do know what you are talking about... because I am a designer but, someone who is not would have no clue.

                You need to do alot and I mean ALOT more research.


                The prolonged use of Seriffs may be hazardous to your health.

                Use with discretion.
                Last edited by tZ; 08-30-2005, 05:51 AM.


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                    ^ nice
                    Less be more.


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                      "Serif, serif! Comic Sans jes rolled inna town and he's fixin for a showdown!"

                      "Comic Sans, eh? Reckon there ain't nuthin' funny 'bout that."


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                        sadesigner, you're enthusiastic about the graphic design industry and that's terrific, but I think you can see from all the above comments that blogging at this point in your career is a bit premature. I would consider changing the angle of your blog.


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                          Does the world need any more graphic software tip sites? Personally, I'd much rather read about what sadesigner thinks and feels about what he's learning about design theory, business, the people--the experiences beyond the computer screen. Be usefully honest and you will attract useful honesty from others. Graphic design student survival tips might be much more interesting and real.






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