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  • PrintDriver
    Reply to Programmer's Dilemma
    I blame my hair loss on my job all the time.
    But with mine I'm hopelessly genetically impaired. Baldness for all males on Mom's side of the family.

    There's a stress condition called...
    Today, 08:59 PM
  • designzombie
    Comment on Freelance. A negative?
    It was a software development company. It was like an agency in that the clients were external. My job title was lead graphic designer, but it was mostly interface design and art production management...
    Today, 08:07 PM
  • B
    Comment on Some feedback for my work
    Just a possibly faulty opinion on my part, but I think that you just wrote a prime example of one difference between a Canadian and U.S. viewpoint. Canadians value cooperation and working toward the common...
    Today, 07:16 PM
  • B
    Reply to Programmer's Dilemma
    I've never read any evidence that staying up late can cause hair loss, so I'm a bit skeptical. I stay up late, usually work during that time, am under a ton of stress, have been doing it for decades and...
    Today, 06:53 PM
  • HotButton
    Comment on Illustrator file pixelates when exported as png
    Yes, it is exactly the equivalent of an image made in Photoshop. That is not a malfunction. Rasterized is rasterized.

    PNG is a raster-only format. A PNG exported from an Illustrator vector...
    Today, 06:51 PM

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  • need a designer?

    check out my site
    Last edited by angeldamico; 08-05-2005, 12:24 AM.

  • #2
    you're kidding, right? we call this "selling ice to eskimos".

    We ARE designers. And we don't allow advertising on this forum.
    "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


    • #3
      Wow Zombo can design as well?? I guess anything IS possible at


      • #4
        Feel free to post a link to your website in your signature and in your profile if you like.
        But please don't advertise.
        "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


        • #5
          here is the link to our New User FAQ:

          "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


          • #6
            wtf... I thought we allready went through this.

            lmao... i don't mean to laugh but the site dosn't even load on my dsl

            Allthough I don't remember the sound effets.


            • #7
              sorry. I changed it to zombo.

              Anything is possible at
              "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


              • #8
                Geez sorry

                well i guess i didnt that many posts to make me feel like a moron
                Thank you very much


                • #9
                  ZOMBO COM, it soothes me down a little bit.
                  Less be more.


                  • #10
                    angeldamico, if you join an online community, you need to be prepared to follow the rules of that community.

                    When you registered, you had to accept terms and conditions that explicitly told you that advertising was not allowed on these boards, but your first post on the forum was an advertisement.

                    I am sorry that you took this so personally. If you didn't notice, I gave you a warning not to advertise and removed your url. I could have banned you. Time to move on. If you can follow the rules, you are welcome to stick around.
                    "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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