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Having Trouble with Transparency? (Adobe Products)

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  • Having Trouble with Transparency? (Adobe Products)

    For important information on how to design, create pdfs, and print from Adobe products using transparency please read the technical bulletins at the bottom left of this page.

    Especially read Transparency iin Adobe Applications: A print Production guide.

    While these are specifically for CS3, the theory still applies.


    - When creating files for print that contain transparency, always contact the print vendor before starting to find out what they need you to do to avoid printing errors on the equipment they will be using. Transparency and flattening settings are very device dependent.

    - Transparency features such as DropShadow and Inner or Outer Glow are RASTER effects. If your raster effect resolution is set wrong, the image will not print correctly.

    - Be prepared to supply native files and all links and fonts.

    Thank you.
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    Thanks for this info. It will be of great use to me!






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