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  • Scandinavian Design??

    I am currently working on a home decore magazine that is based on Scandavian design for class. I need to create a cover page, index page, and a spread to show the feel of the magazine. This magaine is going to introduce the Scandinavian design to North America. I am permitted to use stock photography because there are no IKEA's or the like in the area to take my own pictures.

    I am having a very hard time finding many pictures that have the right interior design. I started using the stock sites that were listed in the Ultimate Resource Thread, but I didn't get very far.

    I thought I would have better luck if I looked through Stock Photo sites from a different country, but I ran into another problem, I don't speak Sweedish.

    Does anyone know of any good sites that could start help me out?
    It's frustrating because I have the idea, but no images to support them.

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    If it's for a class, you may just want to get a hold of an IKEA catalog or some other furniture magazine or catalog that uses that scandinavian design style in their products and scan the furniture images in from them. Depending on the quality of the original magazine or catalog, and your printer (and possibly some photoshop retouching), it'll probbably look okay considering it's for a class assignment and you're not actually printing them.

    Also since it is for a class project it shouldn't violate any copyright issues (that I'm aware of), because your just using it for "mock ups".

    That's my 2 cents.
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