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  • Working with Corporations

    Creative Pro just put out an article which really gives good advice for freelancers or small companies working with large Corporations. Clients like this are my mainstay... I certainly see the value of these tips. You might too.

    The Art of Business: Insider Tips for working with Large Companies
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    Great info Viki! Thanks for sharing.


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      Yes good article. The thing I struggle with is showing how my work adds value and will make money or business for my client. I get tunnel vision and think that the benefit is what they can pay me. I feel like I want to make as much as possible and then question if I am being greedy. "The value of hiring me is that I get needed money I am desperate for" is not the appropiate answer. How do you show value? I don't have info of how my work made someone money. That is a good suggestion I need to research so that I can show value and benefit. Working with the decision maker is always the best advice with any freelance job.

      Thanks Viki
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