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    I am on a project that requires stock photography. I'm finding that stock photography is great if you want to create anything about skinny, white people really enjoying life. I am looking more for the average joe, not great looking, 10-20 lbs overweight, non-white, doing everyday activities (not drinking coffee, checking their stocks on the laptop).

    Are there any stock sites that might offer me what I'm looking for?

    Thank you

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    Good luck on your search. Unfortunately the vast majority of it is young, photogenic white people checking their email/attending a meeting/pointing at a monitor.


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      do a search on "overweight" at You should find plenty.


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        My two sites :-))
        e-Cobo is FREE. The other one is paid, but the resolution is up to A3+@300dpi
        Nikolay Dimitrov
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          Try these

          istockphoto - FREE image of the week / cheap stock
          shutterstock - Cheap stock
          dreamstime - FREE image of the week / cheap stock
          canstockphoto - FREE image of the week / cheap stock
          bigstockphoto - FREE image of the week / cheap stock
          fotolia - Cheap stock
          absolutvision - FREE image of the week
          imagetemple - FREE imagery
          bigfoto - FREE imagery
          imageafter - FREE imagery
          sxc - FREE imagery
          morguefile - FREE imagery


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   is great, whether you need images, or are looking to sell some.

            You get 50 cents for every sale, and the minimum payout (paypalled to you, or sent by check) is only $30. Slap 100 or so pics up there, let them sit - and make money for you. That's what I do here's my link, to show you what types of stuff they accept, it's really easy and free too.



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              i like and
              i love work...
              ... i can sit and watch it all day


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                Those are also my two most used.

                However, for more expensive high-quality photos, I will also suggest or
                Ned Yeung, A.C.E.






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