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USPS postcard template?

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  • USPS postcard template?

    I've seen (and used) it before - a few years back. It shows exactly where the bar code will go and has the lines of the right side, the little postage box and a few other things.

    For some reason I can't find it now either on Google or the USPS web site. Does someone have an .eps or an .idd file of for the back of a 4x6 postcard?
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    refer to this...

    digging a few links in you can find a pdf of mail standards
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      The Modern Postcards template page is another good resource.

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        Excellent...I ended up changing the size to 8.5x5.5 but I can adjust the info from the template. Thx.
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          Here is the exact link to save anyone else some time.
          Thanks for your help Drorain!


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