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  • where could i get sound like this?

    hi guys i hope im posting this in the right forum.

    i came across this website and i love the sounds theyve used for the menu and the images opening etc. does anyone know where i could get similar sounds to that or even the very ones theyve used on there?


  • #2
    thanks for the lead into this site i like it. i might be wrong but a program called garage music may be worth looking into. i have played with it and you can make music , use different instruments and loop it.


    • #3
      Off the same cd they used? Mouse over on the right hand side of the audio symbol for the music info. You can find and download royalty free music as well, mostly if you provide a credit.
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      • #4
        Originally posted by PersonasBinar
        Off the same cd they used? Mouse over on the right hand side of the audio symbol for the music info. You can find and download royalty free music as well, mostly if you provide a credit.
        oh no i didnt mean the music (didnt even realise they had any) i meant the little clicky sounds when u mouseover the menu and images etc.

        norabi, yes i suppose i could make them myself in some sound editingt program. thanks!


        • #5
          those clicky sounds can be downloaded on the internet. ill check out what i have and get back to you.


          • #6
            thank you norbai id appreciate that or if you can provide me with a link of some sort that would be great too.


            • #7
     has a huge library of free sounds & bachground music.
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              • #8
                Check out Sony Media's loop libraries. Although they cost on average $40-$50 a pop for a CD (some I've seen as much as $90), they have samples you can download and try out for free. Not sure what the usage limitations are on the samples for commercial projects.


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