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  • Best Label Designing Software

    Hello I am new here and currently seeking information regarding label designing. We are looking to design something along the lines of the picture we provided in this message. Will be printed on an inkjet printer. Can someone please let me know best software for achieving this thank you.
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    Hi myriadbiotech and welcome to GDF.

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    I'm curious why everyone uses inkjet labels for liquids?

    I currently have 3 different bottles of liquid medication all with inkjet labels. Guess what happened after one of the labels got wet? The name, instructions, etc all got washed off. Completely indecipherable. Luckily the other 2 bottles didn't get wet at the same time so I was able to figure out which one got wet and write in pencil on top of the clean label.

    Sorry, this post wasn't very helpful to your question, but perhaps you could consider using waterproof ink on labels for liquids? Bottles of liquid will get wet from time to time. It's just a fact of life.
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      Yes that is a good point we will consider that! Well we appreciate the welcome here and look forward to hearing from the community!


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        Personally, I would do it in Adobe Illustrator, but it could also be done in Adobe Indesign and handful of other vector-based layout software applications. There's a pattern of some sort on the Sciroxx label, that might be done in Illustrator, but might be better handled in Photoshop, then placed into Illustrator or InDesign.

        I also share Buda's concerns about inkjet printing. I'm sure that you have your reasons, but it's not the best printing method for something like this. If it's on an office printer, it's likely cheapest, and perhaps that's what you're looking for at the moment because of low-volume needs, but really commercial offset or, even, flexo would produce a better label.


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          If you're going to inkjet just a protoype then thats fine, but for production of over 20-30, you will want to have them thermal printed at a sign shop, or if going to full on production, flexo-printed.

          As for the deisgn, anything will work. The samples look like 95% text, so any program that has txt capability will work for that. If you have graphics to add, then Illustrator or Corel or Freehand even would be fine. I'd use InDesign as a last resort if possible.

          Biggest thing is you need to mafe sure you follow the regulations reguarding consumer label design or the design will be denied by the FDA.


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            I think you can do it in Photoshop, because I've done something similar and came out just fine. Not sure about the inkjet printer tho' and besides all the technical flaws when you touch an bottle with a paper label it feels "cheap".
            Anyways, if you use Photoshop be sure to check your file properties before and that will work out.


            • kemingMatters
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              You could do it in PhotoShop, but it's the wrong tool for the job.

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              You could also do it in MS Paint.

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              Not Photoshop


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                Adobe Illustrator would be the best pick


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                  Illustrator is what I use for label design. As for the inkjet issue. If you are using waterproof/weatherproof labels (for inkjet) they will be just fine.
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                    For offline design:
                    • Adobe photoshop
                    • illustrator
                    • coreldraw

                    For online design and print order:
                    • Vistaprint
                    • CafePress
                    • Print Venue


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                      Hi Aldorabancroft and welcome to GDF.

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                        Adobe Illustrator is the best tool for your requirement






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