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Quality stock photo sites?

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  • Quality stock photo sites?

    I'm looking for good stock photo site where I can find quality images with affordable price.
    I've been using the big stock photo agencies until now but are there any nice alternatives?

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    There are hundreds of alternatives.
    Affordable is a relative term.
    So is the term "Stock photo site."

    When it comes to imagery, it all depends on your clients' wants and budgets.
    What might be affordable to me might still be a couple thousand dollars.
    And I might get it from a private photographer who manages his own photos as stock items, but you won't find them on a generic stock photo site.

    All snark aside, the idea with design is to work within your client's budget and get the best possible imagery available. If that means a stock site like Big Stock or iStock or 123RF, then I guess that's what you use. If your budget can afford Rights Managed places like Corbis or GettyImages and that is the only place you can get the image you seek, then you pay for it.

    Specialty images require a bit more work.
    If you need scientifically accurate photos of germs or biologic samples or even accurate climate maps, you might go to the Science Photo Library.
    If you need to use an historical painting held by a museum but don't want to deal with the museum, you use ArtResdotcom
    If you need historical line drawings or photos, you might try Northwinds Picture Library or PictureHistorydotcom
    If you need a certain famous person's image but don't want to deal with their estate, you go to Corbis.
    There are hundreds of niche photo "stock" sites out there.
    Just expect to pay for high quality one of a kind imagery and any special services.

    If you need more niche things like a photographer that only shoots to color 4x5 film and/or need someone who takes photos of wildlife in northern Alaska, there are people out there that do this and manage their own imagery. Finding them can be as simple as a web search.
    A really cool resource is Nat Geo. Their image library is excellent. But niche.

    It all boils down to what are you looking for and what suits your client's needs best.
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        There is a list with small comments about the best free stocks here, for example: hope it helped !


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          free stock photography site as a way to give back, and you can check it out here: http://www.lockandstockphotos....






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