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Good Free Stock Image Sites?

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  • Good Free Stock Image Sites?

    I know this has been asked before but I couldn’t find a helpful answer I need an image of a city bus for a mockup assignment, but I can’t find any for a reasonable price. Do any of you know of any good stock photo sites that might have what I’m looking for?

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    Describe "reasonable"
    If you mean "Free" have you tried this (sorry, I can't resist...)


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      Just be aware that anything Free comes with risk. You have no idea if the images are copyright released. You have no idea if the uploader is the original artist. And you have no idea whether or not the imagery might contain a malicious bit of code. If it's just a mockup with no intent to actually use the image, if you are a student, and if you keep track of where you borrowed it from, any image will do.

      I tend to use just the comp image from a site where I intend to pay for the image because clients are notorious for wanting "that one you used in the mock up." Hunting down a good release on something like that in the Real World is a huge time suck. I had a project once where the designer had sourced all images as Creative Commons not understanding that some CC images do not allow for commercial use. Because the end client wanted "that one" we spent many thousands of dollars of time tracking down owners, and still didn't manage to get them all.

      Comping images are usually available after signing up with the site in question. iStock (GettyImages) is a regular go-to. 123RF is another. BigStock and Shutterstock not too far behind. And there is always Corbis, but not a lot of clients want to pay for their high end Rights Managed stuff or their use prices for large output of their stuff. They do have reasonable Royalty Free stuff (Royalty Free is NOT free.)
      I have hundreds of other places to get imagery, some not considered "stock" sites.
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        TBH for something like an image of a city bus for mock-up purposes, I'd just head outside and snap a few shots for myself.
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          Ick. That requires getting up out of the chair and going outside. And it might be raining.


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            Since I know you are a student I suggest that it might be a great idea to bring this subject up with your instructor.

            Some of the big ins and outs about getting images and photography, to me, would be a pretty important thing for an instructor to cover.

            I didn't study graphic design in school --so a lot of this stuff was something I learned on my own. But I am a bit startled to find that these issues aren't even addressed in a lot of Graphic Design curriculum.

            Even if the instructor isn't digging deep into all the legalisms, it would be pretty important to outline the basics of "rights" and usage for stock photography and the difference between commercial and editorial use and the pitfalls of getting anything for "free".

            I think since the work you do as students has more leeway (it isn't commercial work) makes the instructors not think it is an important issue of discussion. IMHO that is short-sided.
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              Sorry Ray, these threads attract spammers like flies to you know what. I'm going to have to close it.






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                Comment on Looking for the graphic designer of a certain graphic
                I'm a creature of necessity. A lot of times the end client will want an actual signed release and a real photo credit, so you have to attempt to find the artist.
                Love doing image research for projects....
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