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Can anyone name this font?

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  • Can anyone name this font?

    I have a client that loves the font that Callaway Golf uses as seen here. He's real particular of matching this font. I went to and and a variety of other websites but was unsuccessful.

    Can anyone help?
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    i'll chek the library in the am


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      what the font?

      this site helped me out loads, the forum is good as well!
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        cant be sure but i seem to remember someone asking me the same question months back only to find that it is actually custom typography!!!
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          Looks a lot like Old English text or plain
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            You see the little (R) thing - that usually tells me it's not going to be easy to copy elements of their brand and legally trademark it - especially if your client is in the golf industry. I'd have the client pick another font and not try to match it as precisely as possible. It's very likely a custom calligraphy anyway. Their mark is pretty much just relying on the typography save for the little geometric golf tee artwork below it.



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              If it's the feel of the font that your client likes (or can be persuaded that that's what he likes ), you can search on for Blackletter fonts, which is the basic style being used here.

              However, yes, you do need to be careful about trademark infringement issues.
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                Yeah, I keep giving him "blackletter" and "old english" fonts, but you know clients. When they get their mind stuck on something . . .

                Well thank you everyone . . . I think I'll just tell them that I had it sent to a professional typographer and they found out that it was custom created for that logo and there is no such font

                Thanks again!


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                  Remember that some old companies like that, are probably using a custom font. Many years ago, their designer created their logo, and possibly created the type style from scratch. There might not be an exact match anywhere.

                  Tell the client that it is a trademarked, propriatary font, and that you don't intend to violate the copyright laws.
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                    >>Can anyone name this font?<<

                    Wow! My chance for immortality. [ahem] I dub thee, 'Carl'.

                    (Do you have any harder questions?)






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