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    I'd like to get some feedback on online printing quote services. We use one and are very happy but, would like to get even more quotes. There are so many and it's hard to find out any info on them.



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    We don't discuss pricing on the GDF. Do a forum search for Online Printers and see what comes up. Usually someone has asked a question or two about them.


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      Not looking for pricing. I would like to know if anyone has any good or bad things to say about the many quote services out there.

      In this day and age of online design and print, the quote service plays a pretty big role.


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        Are you talking about print brokers?
        I never use em. Why pay the middleman? I deal directly with all of my outsource print vendors. Less confusion that way.


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          quote services? Not sure what you mean. I work with a few local printers, and just email them my specs when I need a price.
          "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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            No. We use a service called It's a place where buyers place a quote and multiple printers bid on them. There are plenty of sites that do this and I am looking to join another. Buyers do NOT pay.


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              and you also use a site called finddesigners, which you recommended to us in the resources section. (As designers ourselves, I doubt we will have need of that service.)

              are you advertising?
              "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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                I've found several freelance designers on that site. And been happy with most. As designers I thought you might appreciate sites like that. If you know any better ones I'd be interested. Since I am new to this site I do not know all the do's & don't. However, I do get the feeling that I am not allowed to post links. Is that so?


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                  By the way... Aren't we way off topic?


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                    we recommend reading the forum rules before posting.

                    New User FAQ

                    Welcome and Forum Rules
                    "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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                      Using a quote service is like hiring a designer from Elance.
                      While it may be the internet thing to do, it isn't always a good business practice.

                      I usually go for someone I know can do the job on time and on color rather than go with a low bidder. Some of my clients still care about quality.


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                        That's a pretty narrow point of view. There is nothing wrong with outsourcing as long as you do your homework. That's like saying you wouldn't recommend hiring a designer I met in this forum because they gave me a good price. A quote service is merely a tool. And a poor carpenter doesn't blame his tools.

                        PS. I met my wife online. So I know it can work.
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                          I didn't say I don't outsource. I actually do over 80% of my work outsourced.

                          That's like saying you wouldn't recommend hiring a designer I met in this forum because they gave me a good price.
                          But that's what I am saying.
                          It takes more than a rock-bottom price for me to choose a vendor. The same as you wouldn't hire a designer based on price. If a GD's book and references are no good, it's a waste of money. Same with a printer. If references, samples, color match, customer service, project turnaround and quality don't meet my (rather high) expectations, "lowest price available" means squat.

                          Large format stuff is too expensive to take a flyer on an unknown. There's a long trial period of doing 'little jobs' before someone gets awarded our big ones.

                          <Note sig vvv> Other's points of view may differ.


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                            That's interesting. I looked at my earlier posts to see where I said I take the cheapest bid or rock-bottom price and I could not find it.

                            What you have done is assumed that since I use an online quote service that it is ONLY about price. That is not correct nor is that fair. Obivously not having used one yourself, you have jumped to conculsions.

                            This is all about business and a good business person uses the tools available to them. These type of sites are good for me and even better for my clients.


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                              I lot of good printers avoid such sites. If I'm not mistaking it sounds like reverse bidding. It maybe good for you Bob but it hurts printers. I can only say what I've heard. Printers in destress often go to these sites and in the long run end up hurting themselves and other printers. There are folks who go after the lowest bid everytime, jumping from printer to printer. To me if you do simple work it may pan out but if you do complex work my hunch would be that person will get and does get burned often going this route for obvious reasons. Who knows what the capibilities are of these printers who get involved in reverse bidding.






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