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    Hello everyone. I'm curious if anyone has used the Microsoft surface book. From what I've read it seems it could be used in place of a MacBook pro, ipad pro, and cintiq which is very intriguing. Opinions?

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    Hi Brndn and welcome to GDF.

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      Maybe the Pro version. If you max the storage and the ram.
      By the time you get 16gigs of ram and at least a 512gig ssd, you are at $2700. That's more than a mac.


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        I don't have the Surface Book, but I do have the Surface Pro 4 (6th Gen Intel Core i5, 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM). So far I am not having any issues with Adobe Products, though to be fair, I am still learning how to use the tools. And I love my Surface.


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          My son recently acquired a Surface Book, and it's quite nice. I'm not in a position to recommend for or against it with respect to using it for graphic design, however. That's not what he does, and I personally wouldn't use any display that small in my own work.

          Originally posted by brndn View Post
 seems it could be used in place of a MacBook pro, ipad pro, and cintiq...
          In terms of empirical, spec-context capabilities, yes, it could replace that rig and perhaps go further still. But again, my bias against everything Apple could be coloring my assertions to some extent.
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            The display is small but powerful. I already use a laptop that I connect to a large monitor. Being able to use the screen like a cintiq is a huge draw.






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