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    I'm familiar with mailchimp, constant contact, campaign monitor, etc.

    However, I'm not sure if any of them are what I'm really looking for. So, I figured I'd ask the masses

    Here's what I need. My company has quite a few "rogue" e-newsletter creators that we want to try and easily "rope in". These people are not tech savvy at all. But in a perfect world we are looking for a service (paid is fine) that we can provide these people access to an online tool that they can copy and paste their text into, and add photos, etc. .... HOWEVER .... we want to control the look and feel by creating the template. Dictating style sheets, colors, fonts, where our logo appears, etc. Basically we want people to use an online tool to have access to possibly drag and drop pre-designed "chunks" of content (1 column and a photo, 2 column text, 1 photo, icons and links, things of that nature)

    So, basically we control and design the header and footer, and they can drag and drop bits and pieces to fill the middle but those pieces follow our branding as far as fonts, colors, heading sizes and what not.

    Thoughts? Has anyone done something similar? At a previous Fortune 100 company I worked for we had a tool that did essentially what I described but it was created and hosted by a third party vendor specifically for us. And I can't remember the vendor name.
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    Can you call the previous Fortune 100 and ask who the vendor was?


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      Maaaybe. The problem is that it was about 6 or 7 years ago, and most of the people involved are no longer there. I don't think that the tool is even active there any more. But maybe.

      It may be a good start. I'll send an email off to a few people I still stay in contact over there and see if they know.
      I like to beat up pacifists, because they don't fight back ...

      N.A.N.K.A. "We Kick Because We Care."






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