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    I am a graphic designer using Photoshop and constantly sending graphics and receiving revisions through pain-staking email messages back and forth. I am looking for a basic service that I can use that allows me to throw any type of file format graphic on, send to my client and without them needing to log in or sign up, be able to comment, draw and highlight parts of the graphics et. . It would be nice to have version control also so I could always look back to see what they needed five revisions ago. i don't need anything with tons of features, I just need a good stable collaborative platform to be able to to this on.
    Any suggestions? -Thanks

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    Hi Openskies2009 and welcome to GDF.

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      Adobe Acrobat Reader has built in noting and commenting features; but I think the full version of Acrobat is required for some of the workflow features. Evernote was made for that. As for free stuff, have you tried all the features in Google Docs?


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        A graphic designer using photoshop.......?


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          I use The free version let's you upload a file up to 2GB. I would also recommend using Google Drive or Dropbox as well.


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            WeTransfer is pretty much just an FTP service like HighTail, though they both are adding more cloud services.
            Google drive has the annoying habit of not letting you forward links to someone other than yourself. I suppose it's a security feature.
            Dropbox, be darn sure about your communication process. I've seen things become tangled messes if you don't stay on top of it.
            With either of these, if you give clients read/write ability, they can delete your file by mistake. Just might not want to be posting the only copy of your working file....






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