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    I thought I'd start a new thread to post some ideas for Dissertation topics. Not because I pity the poor professors out there having to read the same old topics over and over, year after year, but because there are some interesting things out there that deserve to be looked at by students entering this profession that they may not have heard of in their studies.

    Try to keep it to serious topics.

    Here's 4 to start:

    - ADA guidelines as they pertain to graphic design
    (what it actually means to design a 508 compliant project.)

    -ADA guidelines for compliant websites
    (what it means to create a site usable by persons with disabilities)

    - The ongoing debate over the Clearview font
    (This has been an ongoing debate in the sign community for several years now.)

    - How do graphical elements (color, tone, camera angle, etc) influence how you view political ads.
    (this is just a teaser page. You need quite a bit of time to actually do the video test.)

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    Nice idea! Might be worth a sticky.
    Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.


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      -Electronic media signage versus static display signage
      At what point do you hit diminishing returns? Are multiple ads played in succession better than focusing a highlight on a single item? Running time vs wait time studies? The effect of motion? Turn on or turn off?
      (I've only been able to find commercial links from the sellers of digital displays. You do the work.)






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