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  • Big stock photos?

    I have a client that wants an image for a 6ft x 4ft poster. Does anyone have a resource to buy photos that large? thanks!

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    How are you printing it?
    For something that large you only need something that will go to 80-150ppi at full size (depending on the imagery and the viewing distance.)

    Any of the stock sites will have decent size photos. The trouble is finding one with the subject matter your client wants. My sources range from iStock to NatGeo and everywhere in between. It all depends on the subject matter. Historical imagery is group by itself with about a dozen different sites I use that have large imagery. Eco images of animals and landscapes, the same. Fine art imagery has its own site. Tech/Sci has a go-to site as well. Some stuff is so specialized there is only one guy you can contact and he might be on a 6month photo shoot on the Denali.
    You get my drift.

    In some cases you can contact the stock company or the photographer directly and if the material is originally shot to film (not all that common anymore,) pay a premium to have it drum scanned at a higher resolution. Don't let them interpolate a digital image for you. Why pay them to do something you could do yourself.

    Stuff like that takes time though. Anything that requires I contact any source with ''library'' in its name, or any private photographer, I figure is minimum 4 weeks turnaround...and can be longer than 10 weeks.
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      Thanks, PrintDriver. Maybe I'll just buy a cheap image at 80-150ppi and make a test print to see how it looks.


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        Be sure to do your math correctly.
        That's 80-150 at full size of your poster...
        so if you get an image that is 6" x 4" you will need a resolution of 960-1800ppi. If you get an image 12" x 8", it has to be 480 to 900ppi.

        you can get images fairly large at 300. Whether or not you can get to 72"x 48" depends on the image.

        BTW, don't forget your bleeds.


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          It depends on the stock house. I use a Getty premium access subscription and most of the shots fall around the 5000 pixel by 3500 pixel range. Some smaller, some a little bigger On the low range of PD's recommendation that translates to a roughly 62 1/2" x 43 3/4" image. Which depending on the image should upsample fairly well to 72" x 48".

          I've printed at my previous company wall panels of that same 6' tall by 4' wide size using full bleed photos form Getty and they've upsampled fine and look great at a pretty typical viewing distance of a few feet at the closest.
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            You can use for this purpose Stock image search engine Everpixel. It covers 51 stock image resources. All images, that have XXL size will be Ok


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