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  • Looking for a printer

    I'm looking for an online printer that would print keyboard stickers. I've found places that sell customizable sheets of stickers, but I'm not sure if that would work.

    If anyone has an advice for printing their own keyboard key stickers, that would be much appreciated. There must be a place to print these, or people wouldn't be selling them by the ton.

    Please, I want to start working on this, but I think I'm going to need the template from the printer to really get it done.

    I'm a Junior in college, and I'd be nowhere without my art

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    When you say ''keyboard stickers'' what exactly do you mean? A skin for a computer input device or a musical instrument?

    Now a musical instrument, that would be a cool thing to wrap, especially if it is roaded. As long as someone else does it. Too many holes, vents and fins for my taste.
    A computer keyboard? I'd find better things to spend that money on -- unless you mean one of those swanky silicone jobbies. That would keep the cookie crumbs out of the keys at least.


    • Magical Unicorn
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      I mean a computer keyboard. I already have the superhero theme on my laptop, but the lamination is starting to peel after four years of use.

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    Throwing good money after bad?






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