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Vector Military Emblems/Insignias?

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  • Vector Military Emblems/Insignias?

    I work for a company that creates customized products and finding vector artwork for military related graphics has been one of the most difficult things I've come across. Does anyone know where to find vector artwork or how to go about obtaining it? The customers don't seem to know who to go through to find it either. I've found some seals on wikipedia but would love to find a secure source!

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    READ this:
    And especially this:
    Permission is required for commercial use.
    It's not much different than licensing any other brand. You really shouldn't be selling these any more than you should be selling Mickey Mouse items.

    More info:
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      One of those links gives you the contact information for all the branches.
      Note the exclusions for educational/editorial/informational/and some display uses.
      The funny thing is, on that site they give open access to vector forms of most of the branch logos.
      < I'm not a lawyer.


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        Thank you, this is extremely helpful. I'm going to talk with my manager about these today even to direct our customers to this information would be helpful.


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          Further question related to this (the above guest is me, I didn't realize I had 2 accounts so deleted one - oops) - we also often have military customers who want to use emblems specific to their squadron or unit. Does anyone know where or who designs them? More out of my own curiosity, but I feel bad when they don't seem to know or have access to someone they can reach out to or even who made the original designs. They have to come from somewhere, and I would love to be able to say "reach out to this person and they will send you the file!"
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            If you want to do the servicemen and women a favor by finding a contact, try contacting the DOD office for the service branch in question listed on this web link already posted.

            At least, that's where I'd start.
            Just know that where the US Gov is involved, it ain't easy tracking things down. Each branch is gonna have several layers to wade through.
            Some insignia may not be available simply because the units don't want them available to the civilian public.
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